Craig and Carl

Here’s a snippet from Talk Of The Town, in which Craig has had a close shave at the barber shop, and is “attempting” to seduce Carl—


“Craig?  Caro, where are you?”


Carl quickly turned toward the bedroom door. Craig was standing there, staring at him.        He walked toward Carl with a fluid grace, stopping mere inches from him, looking into his wide eyes.  He wore all black, a silk shirt with full sleeves, and his slim suede pants showed every curve.

“Do you like what you see?”

Carl put his hands on Craig’s face, stroking the smooth skin, stopping at the small dent in his chin, then running his hands down either side of his body as he knelt in front of him. He closed his eyes as he felt the tantalizing texture, hearing the faint crackle of the friction against his skin.  He buried his face in the soft, velvety material on Craig’s thighs, smelling his heat mixing with the sumptuous fabric.

“Oh, yes–yes–”      Craig slowly unbuttoned his shirt, then shrugged it off his shoulders. He put his fingers under Carl’s chin, tipping his face up to him.

“Then prove it.”


Read more Snippets here:


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6 thoughts on “Craig and Carl

  1. Oooh, really like the description and the nickname Caro.


  2. Why thank you 🙂 Caro is Carl’s favorite name for Craig ❤ it means "dear" in English 🙂


    1. Thank you ❤ just enough to start cooking– 🙂


  3. How like guys to be visually oriented.


  4. How true–I must have been a man in my previous life 🙂


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