This snippet from The Merchant Of Venice Beach is about Jesse, Tony’s clandestine boyfriend and the son of everyone’s archnemesis, Sherlock Palmer. tony and his friend Bartholomew have come to ask dear old Daddy for a loan:

. Jesse was gorgeous, the dark mahogany brown hair with sun kissed highlights, the lightly stubble-covered jaw that had scorched my inner thighs quite a few times, those huge brown doelike eyes, and that mouthβ€”Jesus. I suppressed a shiver. The best thing about him was that he honestly didn’t realize how beautiful he really was; he had a genuine nature, with a touch of fire under the surface. I should know about that fire, yes indeed; I’d searched that perfect body enough for it, every last inch of it.

And he really, really wanted to get away from his old man with every fiber of his being.

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20 thoughts on “Jesse

  1. Jesse is gorgeous, yes. ❀ So is Tony and I really fell in love with them as a couple. Thank you again for writing this story!


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