More Merchant

Here’s a snippet of Tony waiting for Jesse, and hoping he finally mustered up the courage to break free–

I tried to keep my mind on my TV show, I really tried, because Torchwood is my weakness, but Jesse was late.

It’d been a week since the interlude in the loan office, and I hadn’t heard a peep from him since he’d left my apartment the next morning, but at least we both had a smile on our faces. Come to think of it, I hadn’t heard from Bartholomew either since that weekend. I’d checked the store, but his manager said he’d taken a few weeks’ leave unexpectedly. I grinned. That dog. Porsche had undoubtedly snagged him in that golden web of his and neither one of them wanted to let go. I had his cell number if I was really desperate.

A sudden knocking caught my attention, followed by the doorbell ringing. Panicked, I jumped up and hurried to the door, all sorts of dire scenarios running in my mind. What if Jesse had come out to his dad? What if his dad had found out about us and was calling in the loan? What if—

I threw the door open


Jesse stood there shaking while he clutched a small duffle bag and a satchel. He was scared to death, it seemed like.

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