Chicago Circle

Here’s a snippet from my third volume in the City Circle stories–Marco has finally gotten up the nerve to tell his adult night school teacher how he feels, but–he doesn’t realize that the sexy Irishman has a secret of his own–

“Mr. Byrne, have you ever noticed how some of the girls and women in the class look at you when they think you’re not noticing?”

“Yes, Marco, I have, and I try to ignore it, really.  Most of the time, it’s the accent and the lure of someone young, foreign and forbidden, I suppose.”

He looked in my eyes again, suddenly bold.

“I look at you that way when I think you don‘t see, when you‘re busy doing something else.  I think some of the students know.  I’m sorry, sir–I can’t help how I feel, you’re only five years older than I am, it’s not too far out, it could happen–”.

Read more snippets here:


18 thoughts on “Chicago Circle

  1. Thank you so much 🙂 Marco hasn’t had the easiest of lives, and he sees the opportunity to maybe start up something with Aiden. He has no idea what he might be getting into ❤


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