Denver Circle

This is a short snippet from Denver Circle, in which our young vampire Chris gets more than a little revenge on one of those sick individuals who preys on homeless queer kids–

I lean over Otis, getting close to his face.

“Oooooootis—wakey, wakey—”  I slap his face, gently of course.  His eyes flutter, then open all the way.  They stare at me with a kind of wild panic.  He tries to move his arms, making the handcuffs clank against the headboard. “Don’t bother to try and get up. You won’t be trying to screw any desperate street kids any more, you sick fuck.  Not on my watch.”

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16 thoughts on “Denver Circle

  1. Go, Chris! I had that conversation recently–that people who take advantage of homeless queer kids are sick abusers. It isn’t nice of me, but I’m glad to see someone get what he deserves.


  2. True on the name; I had to pick a name that matched his personality. And don’t feel sorry for him; he’s a child pornographer that takes advantage of queer street kids 🙂


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