Ninian and Carl

This is a snippet from sins Of The Sire, in which Ninian finally speaks to Carl through Leah–

“But then, he started talking and it was almost like—“ She stopped.

“—as if—‘’

Craig and Carl gave each other a puzzled look as Leah’s eyes drifted shut, then suddenly opened. She stared right at Craig, making him blink.

“It’s him, caro, it’s Ninian,” Carl whispered.

“Ah, the bondmate.” The voice coming from Leah was hers physically, but the nuances, the expression were all Ninian. The timbre was as well; it wasn’t anything Carl would ever forget.

“What have you done with my mother?” Craig demanded, and Ninian deepened his gaze, all controlled fury.

“Did I ask you to speak? No? Then that must mean I don’t wish to hear your grating voice, correct?” Ninian barked out that statement, raising one of Leah’s eyebrows at the furious look Craig wore, then turned his full attention to Carl again. The expression softened, and if one could say a vampire was beaming, then Ninian was.

“Carlo, oh my dear Carlo, I missed you.”

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8 thoughts on “Ninian and Carl

    1. Thanks ❤ Ninian is trying to lure Carl back so they can see each other face to face–I hope Carl is strong enough–


  1. Well that’s especially creepy. Great snippet, Kathy.


  2. Thanks 🙂 glad you liked it; I’m enjoying crafting a character with no discernible redeeming qualities 🙂


  3. Great interplay between the characters here.


  4. Interesting and a bit creepy. Great snippet.


  5. Thanks 🙂 glad you liked it. Ninian is fun to craft–a truly evil character 🙂


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