Seductive Carl

This week I thought I’d use a snippet in which Carl has his A game going with Craig–

“Will you let me taste you?” Carl said “Please, caro-unbutton your shirt.  I need to touch you.”  His eyes had turned totally black, sparkling like chips of opal. The edges were red–blood red. Carl gently stroked Craig’s cheeks with his thumbs in a hypnotic, sensuous motion.

“I need to feel you.”

Speechless, staring, Craig’s hands went to the row of buttons.  Carl reached down and took both sides of the shirt in either hand, ripping the heavy cloth and making the buttons fly across the room.

“You’re taking too long, my love.”

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12 thoughts on “Seductive Carl

  1. Agh, why is button-ripping so dang sexy? At least, it is in the heat of the moment–I’ll bet not so much afterward, LOL. This is a terrific moment. I love the sensual touching.


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