Craig’s Shirt

Here’s what happened with Craig’s shirt–after Carl left him:

He went into the living room, still nude, and opened his laptop.  He had to look up what Carl said to him when he woke, when he saw Carl in the chair.  He brought up his translating program and typed in Italian to English, then put in the words.  He had no trouble remembering what they were.  He looked at the translated phrase, catching his breath.

You are beautiful, a beautiful man.”

Craig closed the laptop, leaning on the table with his eyes closed.  “He called me beautiful.”   He went over to the couch and picked up the pieces of the shirt that he had been wearing before Carl ripped it open, when Carl carried him to the bedroom and undressed him.  The thought made him stir again.  He closed his eyes and buried his face in the soft cotton, smelling Carl’s scent mixed with his own, remembering those lips on his chest, then kissing his mouth.  Tasting him.  He trembled……whispering…


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