The Shop Revisited

Another scene from Craig’s daydream at the barbershop–he didn’t wake up too soon ❤
erotic sensuality trigger 🙂

Craig waited until James stopped moving, then pulled away from him and watched his face.  James was trembling, his eyes half shut.  Craig stroked his thighs up and down as he moved up next to James, putting his arms around him.   “I love you, James,” he said, his voice quivering.  “I wish I hadn‘t waited so long to tell you how I felt.”

James touched his face, smiling.

“And you were worth waiting for, Craig.” He propped himself up on his elbows.  “I am in love with Craig Hanson, and he loves me.” He smiled  “I can finally say it, and I don’t care how cheesy it sounds.  Do you know how much that‘s worth to me?  To tell you right to your face, after whispering it to myself night after night?”      He turned over on his side then, propping himself up on his elbow. He leaned over, whispering in Craig’s ear.

“Now it’s my turn.”

He let his lips trail down Craig’s chest, putting his hand around him as he stroked him firmly up and down, then swirled his tongue over the head.  Craig stretched out on the quilt, languid, like a cat, his eyes closed. He arched his back.

“Oh, God, James–”

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6 thoughts on “The Shop Revisited

  1. Karen Michelle Nutt May 21, 2017 — 5:18 pm

    Wonderful tender moment.


  2. Oh, let’s hope he didn’t talk in his sleep on the last line…


  3. LOL 🙂 his barber would have understood 🙂


  4. Young love ❤ I'm glad you liked it 🙂


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