Continuing Sins

Here we have Ninian, who has just come from talking through Leah one last time, and is ready to prepare for the final confrontation with Carl, Craig, and Oz:

Ninian eased back into his body.

He’d felt momentary panic when he couldn’t quite remember where he’d left it, but relaxed, sure that it was where it always was; the inner chamber where he existed, where he worked.

Where Carlo would come to him. He reached over and brushed his fingers over Mary.

“Your sons are coming to get you, my dear,” he crooned. “Won’t they be pleased and surprised?”

She didn’t respond, of course; he really didn’t expect her to.

Come read more Snippets; something for every taste, even those as eclectic as Ninian’s:



20 thoughts on “Continuing Sins

    1. He’s pretty amoral, our Ninian is 😦 Craig fears for his mother’s safety. Their little vampire triad lacks enough strength to vanquish him–so far, that is 🙂


  1. He hasn’t yet; this is the first time. He has other things on his mind right now, I suppose 🙂 If Ninian ever DID forget, he’d just conjure up some help; maybe a demonic GPS of sorts.


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