The Aftermath

For my snippet, I’ve picked a passage from Heart’s Embers in which the reporters that have been following Bruce end up saving his life:

Marsha hissed at him. “Just stifle it and call 911, Mason, all right?” Nodding, he did as she told him. Getting closer, she held her ear close to Bruce’s lips.

“They—did call, Jeffrey, it—hurts–” His voice was garbled and hard to understand.

Marsha raised herself and whipped off her windbreaker, tucking it around Bruce’s shoulders. She heard a slow, singsong moan.

“How come I can’t get up?” he mumbled as Marsha leaned forward to hear better, her ear at his lips. She raised her head and gulped down her panic, trying to soothe him as best she could.

“You—you’ll be okay, Dr. Bayfield, the ambulance’s coming.” She glanced around at a tinny, crackling sound coming from under the car next to them, a song sounding like the Thompson Twins.

“That’s his phone, Mason, it’s his husband’s ringtone, answer it.”

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