Here’s a snippet from Talk Of The Town where Carl brings Craig to his favorite vamp-friendly coffee shop–of course, Carl never drinks–coffee 🙂 :

“Hi Carl, you want that special?  How about your friend?”

“Yes, thank you, Gil, and this is Craig.”    Gil gave a second look, then smiled.

“Craig Hanson, the talk show host? Welcome to Smokey’s.”  He pointed to the muted television mounted in the corner, where there was a rerun of a popular episode playing.   Craig was reveling in all his abrasive, glamorous glory, trying to put himself between a drag queen and an older woman.  The queen had taken off one of her high heels, ready to fling it at her target. Size 12, by the look of it.      Craig smiled at the memory.

“Thank you Gil, great programming choice. It’s nice to meet you.“

Turning to Craig, Carl asked “What would you like? They have a full service coffee bar, and tea as well.”

“I’ll have a vente mocha latte with extra foam, please, thanks, Gil.”  Nodding, Gil left the table and went behind the bar to give the order to the barista, then went in the back, returning with a tall covered cup. He picked up Craig’s order and returned to the table.      “Here you are, gentlemen. Enjoy.” Gil watched as Carl took a sip.

“All right, Carl?”

“Perfect.  Thank you, Gil, just the proper temperature.”  Gil inclined his head and went back behind the bar, wiping the counter and checking out the clientele. Craig looked at Carl’s cup.

“That must be some special order, him having to go to the back room to get it.” He wondered silently if it was blood, his lips turning up at their edges.

“Yes, it is–and to answer your unspoken question, yes it is.”

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10 thoughts on “Smokey’s

  1. Wow, where to they get the blood from?


    1. Okay, I’ll tell you 🙂 Smokey’s is owned by an Irish vampire, her long lost son, and her human companion. They go out trolling for humans who fancy themselves vampire hunters and save their blood. It’s like a shot of espresso to them 🙂 You can find their story in a prequel: Family Matters.


  2. Andrea R Huelsenbeck June 11, 2017 — 7:52 pm

    I’m so glad they don’t go to the back room to fill orders at “my” favorite coffee shop.


    1. Your coffee shop most likely doesn’t cater to vampires and neither does mine, more’s the pity 🙂


  3. Really enjoyed the snippet, SO different under the veneer of the ordinariness of life.


  4. Exactly! As our dear Professor Van Helsing said, “The strength of the vampire is that men do not believe in him . ” So glad you enjoyed it 🙂


  5. So nice to have a place that caters to your tastes…

    (And why do I have the theme from Cheers stuck in my head now?)


  6. LOL Love that ❤ "Where all the humans know your name."


  7. Great snippet. I like that he knew what he was drinking. 🙂 🙂


  8. (wink) yes, quite tasty 🙂 the drink of choice 🙂


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