A final summoning

This snippet is from Sins Of The Sire, in which Ninian has physically called up his demon friend while preparing for Carl and Craig’s visit–

“The guests should be here momentarily,” he muttered. “They’ll just have to witness the aftermath.” He extended his index finger to the sigil and started to trace it, bringing up an image in his mind. Andromalius usually appeared to him as a tall, handsome man in a dark blue robe, flowing long hair the color of cornsilk, his ever present familiar wrapped around his arm, tail around his waist. The demon was never without his reptile, they seemed to be bound, feeding off each other, and he supposed they did. Hence the leftovers for the familiar. Andromalius was more prone to feeding off souls—human souls, and Ninian certainly couldn’t help him there.

Ninian closed his eyes, feeling the sudden vacuum of air that preceded his friend.

“Greetings,” his mind’s ear heard, a grating, peculiar tone, he had to admit. “What do we have on the menu for today? My familiar is famished.”

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Portrait of Count Andromalius by theDurrrrian @ Deviant Art



10 thoughts on “A final summoning

  1. ‘Demon friend’ — isn’t that something of an oxymoron? Like Nancy, I felt that the familiar’s hungry ‘humanized’ it a bit … as long as it isn’t hungry to eat humans.


  2. Well, since Ninian is a vampire mage, he kind of “bonded” with Andromalius, since the demon himself was once human. And the familiar is hungry to eat just about anything–humans are preferable food 🙂 Andromalius always shares 🙂


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