Talk Of The Town

Here’s a clip from Talk Of The Town, which will be on sale tomorrow as a promo for the sequel, Sins Of The Sire. Will Mike get his comeuppance? Oh, I think so–

   “Mike, please, I didn‘t—” Mike squeezed his hand harder, cutting his plea off mid-sentence.

“I bet you were fucking him in your dressing room, huh?  Bumping belt buckles and tapping his ass after having him on– your—Show!”    He took Craig‘s hand and pressed it to the heated plate of the coffee pot, knocking the carafe askew and sending hot coffee over his hand.  Craig’s eyes flew open and he snatched his hand back, hot tears welling up.  He hurried to run his hand under the cold water, biting his lip to keep the pain inside.  He couldn’t let Carl hear.  He felt a sudden, unexpected rush of anger, glaring at Mike over his shoulder. Mike had that sick smile on his face.
“Damn it, Mike, you–you’re—”

He glided over to Craig and grabbed his shoulder, digging his fingers in. Craig pulled back his biting comment, sick with fear. He closed his eyes, feeling the tears starting again.  “Don‘t say anything you‘ll be sorry for later, you crying little slutfucker. You‘re sorry enough. Crying like a pussy.”  Mike walked to the kitchen door.  “I‘m going to go talk to Wonder Man out there, and then we‘ll finish this after he leaves.”  He stared back at Craig.  “Maybe I’ll stick your little worm dick on the hotplate next.  Grill it for my dinner, maybe it‘ll taste better that way.”

He walked out.  Craig stood there, trying to get it together.  He hoped he had done enough to keep Carl from finding out.  

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6 thoughts on “Talk Of The Town

  1. I think Carl needs to find out — and soon. (Or Craig needs to get out of there on his own.)


  2. Oh, he finds out, all right 🙂


  3. Karen Michelle Nutt July 3, 2017 — 5:01 am

    Horrifying situation. He needs help and soon.


  4. Carl is very aware 🙂 He’ll take care of Mike, but–will Mike stay scarce?


    1. Great action and description.


  5. Why thank you 🙂 So glad you enjoyed it ❤


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