Ninian Speaks

This is what happens after my Rainbow Snippet of yesterday from Sins Of The Sire, when Ninian speaks through Leah:

I’d appreciate it if you would keep your pups on a tight leash, love,” Ninian snapped. “We have business to discuss.”

Before answering, Carl glanced over at Craig and Oz, trying to reassure them he had this under control; he supposed he was trying to reassure himself as well. He turned back to Leah/Ninian.

“The only business I wish to discuss with you is the whereabouts of my mother in law, Ninian.”

“So cold, Carlo. My, how you’ve changed.” Ninian grinned at the look of contained fury Carl wore. He shrugged, using Leah’s shoulders.

“Very well, here’s how it’s going to be, love,” he told Carl. “I have your mother in law in a secure location. You come to my library, all three of you,” he breathed, glaring at Craig and Oz, “and we’ll come to terms. You have until the night of your play closing, in deference to the artistic community. But,” Ninian raised one of Leah’s hands, the index finger extended, “don’t make the mistake of underestimating me, my dear. Not after you left me.” Ninian/Leah gave Craig and Carl a withering look. “You two won’t be able to help your alpha vampire here any longer,” he told them. “If you want your dear Mary back, you’ll have to trade me Carlo for her. I’ll make sure she’s in a secure location where you’ll be able to pick her up after Carlo and I have made our exit.”

All three watched and listened as Ninian’s voice faded, the last subtle message settling in.

“I’ll summon you when it’s time—Leah’s last duty—“

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2 thoughts on “Ninian Speaks

  1. Ominous ending. Ominous situation all around.


  2. Yes it is–I wonder if it will end well, and for whom 🙂


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