More Christmas in July

Here’s an expanded snippet of my Rainbow of yesterday, in which Arthur and Ciaran will soon be feeling the effects– 🙂

“You know it’ll only be a matter of minutes until someone calls the police, Arthur.”

“What do you propose we do about it?” I ask. Ciaran presses his finger to his lips, his eyes twinkling as they develop a distinctive ebony cast. I draw back in recognition.

“To hell with watching, I’m coming with you, I know what you’re about.” We hustle over to our seasonal friend and each take an elbow, hustling him into an empty storefront. The sound of cheers and clapping follows us inside as we shut and lock the door.

“Wha’the fuck?” our friend slurs as we drag him across the empty dust-covered floor to a hallway. These storefronts are a dime a dozen in the Christmas village—for looks only on the outside.

“So Arthur,” Ciaran asks as he props up our mutual friend against a wall, “would you care to tell me just how you managed to unlock a heavy door with so little effort, and how you know what I’m about?” He looks into my eyes..

..and he knows.

They’re as black as his are, the whites disappearing just like his. I can feel my fangs erupting, getting longer, anticipating that alcohol infused meal. I was right about him, I was right. Finally.

“Why, Ciaran, dear, we’re merely protecting the young children from possible trauma at the hands of a beloved figure of myth,” I snort, looking down at said figure who is prone on the floor in a pool of his own drool.

“Why you right bastard,” he whispers. “You’re a bleeding vampire!”

Read more snippets here: christmas


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8 thoughts on “More Christmas in July

  1. “Bleeding vampire.” There’s a pun in there somewhere. Fun snippet.


    1. Aha you caught that, eh? Kieran is English/Irish, so it just slipped out 🙂 I’m glad you like it ❤


  2. Andrea R Huelsenbeck July 23, 2017 — 8:13 pm

    A Christmas vampire story–it seems unique to me. (But what do I know? Not my genre…)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had the same reaction — that a Christmas vampire story sure was different. One nit to pick: you spell Kieran / Ciarin two different ways.


      1. LOL rest assured the spelling in the story is the correct one–I’ve been reading a story with the Englis spelling and it slopped over in my introduction. Also, Vampires DO love Christmas, as I’m sure you’re aware 🙂 I had a request to do a vampire Christmas novella last year 🙂


  3. Vampires are my genre; I can’t seem to get away from them–but I had a request from a reader to write a vampire Christmas story last year. It was an interesting experience 🙂


  4. As they say, the truth will out. Great snippet, Kathy. 🙂


  5. Thank you so much 🙂 Now they know–they’ll enjoy their shared meal ❤


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