Chicago Circle

In this snippet, Marco takes a chance and tells Aiden how he really feels–

“Mr. Byrne, have you ever noticed how some of the girls and women in the class look at you when they think you’re not noticing?”

“Yes, Marco, I have, and I try to ignore it, really.  Most of the time, it’s the accent and the lure of someone young, foreign and forbidden, I suppose.”

He looked in my eyes again, suddenly bold.

“I look at you that way when I think you don‘t see, when you‘re busy doing something else.  I think some of the students know.  I’m sorry, sir–I can’t help how I feel, you’re only five years older than I am, it’s not too far out, it could happen–”.

Read more snippets here :

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18 thoughts on “Chicago Circle

  1. Love the way his nervousness comes through.


    1. Thank you, I’m glad yo liked it. I do try to picture his nervousness and stress here–he’s had to hide who he is but he’s really tired.


  2. I can practically see Marco shuffling his feet and trying to hide his sweaty palms. Great Snippet!


    1. Thank you 🙂 Poor Marco–he’s had to hide for so long now–

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  3. Poor Marco! But maybe he’s right? It could happen? 😉


  4. True, that it could–but what price will he have to pay?


  5. Aww, how sweetly uncertain he’s being, yet bravely confessing his feelings. (heart)


  6. Glad you liked it; I was going for sweet ❤ Marco's mom has sheltered him a little because of his father "hating the gay", but he might have a champion soon in Aiden 🙂


  7. He is certainly being bold. Let’s hope he doesn’t get disappointed.


  8. Well, he’s held back for a long time. What he gets won’t be what he expects 🙂


  9. And you leave us hanging?? How could you?? 😀 Nice snippet – can’t wait for next week!


    1. (rubs hands together in glee) glad you liked it–but I’ve adopted a pattern of putting a “what happens next” in my Snippet Sunday group. Here’t the link to the blog post if you’re not a member 🙂 it’s when Marco well and truly finds out what it means to get close to Aiden–
      enjoy 🙂


  10. His nervousness really comes through well.


  11. Thanks so much; I was trying for that. Marco is reluctant to come out because of family and the negative attitude of his peers, but he senses a warm accepting attitude in Aiden–he should be very careful though 🙂


  12. Like the last line. Yes, I’m sure it could happen. Glad he had the guts to speak up.


  13. Thanks — glad you enjoyed it 🙂 It could happen, yes–but Marco should be very careful, he might get what he’s wishing for–


  14. Poor Marco. I love how his nerves come across.


  15. Thanks so much; I was really trying for a sense of his nerves in actually coming up to Aiden. He’s not really worldly, or jaded. He’s been sheltered by his mom, because his dad is such an ass.


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