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Following my usual habit, here’s what happens after my Rainbow Snippet of yesterday, after Aiden decides to show Marco what it really means to get close:

“Do you want me to kiss you there?   Do you, Marco?”   He nods, his eyes closed.  I press him to me as I lower my mouth to his chest, piercing the skin.  His eyes squeeze tighter, a small moan moving in his throat as I drink a few quick mouthfuls of him, then pull away sharply.  I close my eyes, trembling.  This is hard, very hard.  Hard to stop.  Even now, I want to grab him and finish the job.  I feel him approach me, trying to put his arms around my waist.  I throw up my hands in a panic, stopping him. I turn to face the wall, eyes squeezed shut, trembling with my own needs.  He backs off.

“It’s all right, sir–Aidan.  Thank you.  I understand now.”

I turn, furious, glaring at him, my eyes black and staring.  My fangs are still stained with his blood.

“You understand?”  I stalk over to him.  “Just what in hell do you understand, Marco?  That I’m a vampire?  That I just marked you?  You don’t understand anything.”  My voice is shaking. I take my handkerchief and wipe my mouth.  The stains won’t fade this time–he’s still alive.  I drop the handkerchief, watching it flutter to the floor, stained with red.  “Do you know how close you were to dying?”

He nods.

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4 thoughts on “More Chicago

  1. Interesting dynamic between these two. (But I think that Aiden needs to calm down.)


  2. Yeah, so do I. He’s a hot-blooded Irishman. Well, he’s not a man any longer, but he does love his hot blood 🙂


  3. Aiden is a rather passionate guy, so much so that it may be hard to be close to him. I like the title, BTW, since my wife attended the U Illinois’ Chicago Circle campus for a while


  4. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it ❤ Aiden is indeed passionate; He hasn't quite adjusted to his undead existence as well as he should have, and he needs to be careful around people he doesn't see as a meal 🙂 I've written four of these Circle stories, each with a city, that explored the making of a vampire together with a formative event in the city's history, and said vampire's present-day existence.


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