This snippet is a continuation from my Rainbow Snippet of yesterday, in which Jeffrey and Bruce are in the bathroom ❤

Jeffrey blinked, shaking his head a little. He took the towel from Bruce.

“Sorry, love, my mind was elsewhere.” He started gently drying Bruce’s hair, then ran his fingers through its curly black softness.

“I know where it was. You were ogling me, weren’t you?” Bruce said, laughing.

“I feel so used.”

Jeffrey smiled.

“Not half as used as you’re going to feel, sweetheart.”

Jeffrey leaned forward, burying his face in Bruce’s hair, closing his eyes.

“I missed you so much, not having you here.”

Bruce felt him, felt Jeffrey trembling, and slid his hands up Jeffrey’s chest, putting his arms around his neck.

“Would you help me get ready for bed?” Bruce whispered to him.

“Then I think we need to help each other.”

Jeffrey kissed him, long, slow and sweet.

“Let’s take care of your legs, my love, then I will finally get to nurse on that beautiful cock of yours until you scream for mercy,” he said, making Bruce chuckle.

“I hope Poppa’s a heavy sleeper,” he said.

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