Carl’s Past

Since my Rainbow snippet of yesterday is a little more involved than usual and has spoilers, I decided to go with a memory from Carl’s past from Talk Of The Town–the last time he saw his parents in Renaissance Florence before he left for England and his eventual rebirth as a vampire.

“Good luck, my son.  Keep safe.”  He smiled.

“I will, father. Take care of Mama.”  He turned and followed the crewman up the gangplank.  It was drawn up from the dock, and the ship started drifting out of port, bound for Britain.  Carlo stood on the deck smelling the salt air mixed with the rising odor of floating fish, hearing the flat sound of the oars slapping the water. He raised his hand to his mother and father, straining to see them until he could no longer, and the early morning mist covered the shore…


Carl shook his head to clear his thoughts.  It was hard to admit to himself that he missed his parents after all these centuries. It would have been a matter of weeks until he would have returned home to Firenze if it had not been for that interlude in the library. He touched the ring again, thinking that he could never give it back to his father now.   They had sent people to look for him in Oxford when he did not return, but he had made himself scarce, and they had finally given up, resigned to the fact that he was gone.  They were safer that way.  He was glad that he had not found a wife, even though it was not from lack of trying. He smiled at the thought of all the ladies that had auditioned.

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6 thoughts on “Carl’s Past

  1. What a poignant scene. I can see why it has lingered in his memory.


  2. Why thank you, Ed–Carl does indeed miss his parents, even after 600 years; a signet ring and a tapestry are all he has left–


  3. Interesting how the memories never quite lost their power for him. A poignant snippet today!


  4. Why thank you 🙂 Poor Carl still misses his parents–he only has a signet ring and a tapestry to remind him–and his memories, of course. It broke his heart to have to hide from his father when he came looking for him, but it was necessary.


  5. One rarely stops to think how sad and lonely it can be to be a vampire — how much is lost to them.


  6. Exactly! Thanks for picking up on that 🙂 They aren’t soulless creatures– 🙂


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