Crimson Christmas

In this holiday snippet, we find our snarky vampire Arthur lowering himself to mingle with the masses at a Christmas village on the off chance he might meet one of his own kind, but first he has to pass muster–

“Arthur Middlesworth, Esquire, at your service.” I give the nameplate on her desk a slow glance. “And I’m assuming you are Cora Herbert.”

Cora snorts with a derisive tone, touching my fingers with the tips of hers, then withdrawing them.

“Next thing you’re going to say is that’s your real name, right? Along with that accent.”

I raise my eyebrows at her snarky tone, not wanting to admit it matches mine.

“I assure you, madam, I was born with this name, and the accent developed when I learned to talk.” I give the beaver silk surface of my hat a perfunctory brush and pick an imaginary piece of flotsam from the lapel of my perfectly tailored jacket. Anxious as I may be to take off my greatcoat, I’m most certainly not about to consign it to a plebian hook in this hellhole. Settling for a compromise, I shrug it off my shoulders and drape it over my arm, deciding to keep my gloves on. One never knows what one might pick up in places like this. I might be undead and therefore immune to human diseases, but not to noisome offal.

“That chair good enough for the likes of ya or do ya wanna keep standing?”

With a sniff, I perch my still-delectable behind on the very edge of the seat she’s indicated with a wave of her hand. I spare a glance at the yellow, tobacco-stained tips of same and hold back a shiver at the thought of my dove grey gloves needing yet another laundering.

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8 thoughts on “Crimson Christmas

  1. Well he does have a high opinion of himself and all his attributes! Loved the snippet 🙂


  2. Yes he does–but he’s been using it as a defense lately ❤ Glad you enjoyed it ❤


  3. I love the back and forth in this snippet. Great snippet.


    1. thanks, I’m glad you liked it 🙂 Arthur wields his snark like a sword sometimes —


  4. You’ve done a beautiful job of characterization, Kathy. He’s totally vivid in my mind’s eye.


  5. Oh, thank you, Ed–that means a lot ❤


  6. Okay, that does it. I hope he trips and falls into a slushy mucky puddle of sooty melted snow. LOL He needs dirtied up a little.


  7. LOL Oh, that would so offend his sensibilities 🙂


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