This snippet is from The Ancient. Bruce and Jeffrey are talking about that mysterious, sporadic power that Jeffrey seems to have, and about the second time it manifested–


“When I stormed out of the apartment, I went across the street to the park, and I just walked, back and forth in front of the lake, then I–threw the ring in the water. I didn’t know what else to do. I felt it coming out of me in waves, I was so angry. Angry at myself, mainly, for waiting so fucking long.  There was that huge tent that had been set up for the flower show, and I looked over at it with my fists clenched, and I just–screamed at it.  It collapsed in on itself like a deflating Macy’s balloon.” Jeffrey shook his head.  “I knew it was my fault, because there was no wind that day and it had stood there for a week with no problems. I’m just glad it was empty at the time and no one was hurt,” Jeffrey said. “And Bruce, I wasn’t at the courthouse, I know you thought I was.  I was just sitting in my hotel room, and I was staring at a picture of you.  Then my ticket came through for Christchurch, and I started packing.  I didn’t think I could be there and remain silent.  I knew how you felt, I knew why you were marrying Jules.  But it wasn’t my business any longer.”  He was silent then, just staring at his hands in his lap—      

     “You still love me, Bruce, you know you do.”     

     “You know I do, but I want more from you, Jeffrey, I‘m tired of you leaving me. I won‘t put up with it.”     

     “BRUCE! Oh fuck me running, don‘t do this, love. I have the ring, I–I want you to marry me, please.”     

     “I’ve begged you for years, you knew I wanted to marry you, and now it–it’s too late for either of us to ask.”     

     “Damn us both, then, just see if she makes you as happy as I did. You can both go to fucking hell!”

Bruce leaned over and gathered him into his arms, putting Jeffrey’s head on his shoulder, leaning them both back on the couch.  Jeffrey put his arms around him, and Bruce felt his fists gently thudding against his back, trying his best not to lose control and start crying. He stroked Jeffrey’s hair, calming him.


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2 thoughts on “Heartbreak

  1. Oh… I think you just tore my heart out…


  2. Oh–um, sorry? (not sorry) 🙂 My boys have indeed been through the fire with each other 🙂


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