Jeffrey and Alasdair

This is from Heart’s Embers; Alasdair knows who is responsible for Bruce’s “accident”–and he’s discussing what is needed with Jeffrey–



“Well, yes–does this have something to do with Bruce and his accident?”

Jeffrey could almost feel Alasdair’s mind working.

“Yes. We have found the person responsible, but–it is important that Bruce realize this first if at all possible. He will most likely come up with a clue or two when he is hypnotized, and he will discuss this with you when you see each other later today, but–we need to take precautions. If it is left to me, I cannot guarantee what will happen.”

Jeffrey closed his eyes.

“If I need you, will you be there to help me?”

“Yes–much as it was when I helped you with your friend Dane.” He heard Alasdair pause.

“But this situation requires much more strength and determination. The situation might very well require my physical presence, but I will not interfere unless I’m needed.”

Jeffrey opened his eyes then, his gaze concentrating on some inner turmoil.

“He’s my husband, my lover, Alasdair–it falls to me. Thank you for your help, though. Will there be police involved?”

He heard a chuckle come over the connection.

“By the time we are finished, there will not be enough left for the police to concern themselves with.”

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4 thoughts on “Jeffrey and Alasdair

  1. Oh I like that response. Great snippet, Kathy.


  2. Thanks so much 🙂 We ‘d expect nothing less from Alasdair, but what he has in store for the person responsible is pretty frightening…


  3. Oh that last line sure sounds like a guarded threat and promise. I wonder what he has in store.


  4. Oh I know what Alasdair’s thinking 🙂 He’s had quite a few millennia to come up with various ways to get rid of his enemies 🙂


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