Hi de ho 🙂 I finally finished my WIP, so it’s a W 🙂 except for the edits (grrr) Here’s a favorite scene from my other modern Bard retelling:

We both watched as Sherlock stood and began his pacing routine. Jesse had already told me this is what he did when he had to think about a difficult subject. I wasn’t stupid, though. I kept my eyes fixed on him, to be sure.

“You know, fellas,” he said, barking out the words, “you’ve got an awful lot of nerve coming here and asking me for money.  I’ve heard the talk about what you and all your mincing, prancing gay friends think of me.” He stalked the carpeted space between his desk and the bookshelf against the wall, fingering a small bust of a woman that looked to be solid gold. “Here comes that prick Sherlock, what an asshole.” He snorted before turning to face us.

“A prick bleeds, though, my boys, and so does an asshole. You basically spit in my face with your perverted behavior, and you expect me to loan you ten thousand dollars?”

Bartholomew shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s a business decision, man. Nothing personal,” he said. Sherlock shook his head.

“Oh, that’s where you’re wrong,” he whispered, an evil, almost feral grin spreading across his face. “It’s nothing of the sort.” He walked back to his chair, sat down, and propped his feet on his desktop. “I’ll loan you the money for a period of two weeks, but there’s going to be conditions.”  I nodded, calculating the time frame in my head. A week to get the merchandise, three days for my people to set it up in the store, and, hopefully, three days to sell it all out. I could do this.

“All right, two weeks it is, but what are the conditions?”

Sherlock smiled.


Read more snippets here:

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7 thoughts on “Sherlock

  1. The Merchant of Venice! Nicely done, Kathy. 🙂


  2. I suspect he shouldn’t have agreed until he knew the conditions.


    1. Oh, he won’t like it–but Sherlock will 🙂


  3. A clever take on the story!


    1. Thanks so much 🙂 I really enjoyed writing this, so I decided to do my take on Hamlet–I just finished the novella 🙂


  4. Huh. Interesting. I’m not a fan of the Merchant of Venice and the anti-Semitic overtones. I’ve never been able to get over that part to enjoy the play. 😦 But I have to say, you played this Sherlock well because I immediately felt a dislike for him! Well done!


  5. Thank you 🙂 how sweet 🙂 I did love the play, but not the racism involved. This was a story where I made him a raging homphobe, and how much pleasure it gave him when he had Anthony over a barrel. I gave this a happy ending, though, and I refused to do that with Hamlet.


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