What came after…

This is a continuation of my Rainbow snippet of yesterday, in which Jeffrey used some tough love on Bruce; it’s a little long, but I wanted to show Bruce’s actual breaking point:

One of the nurses gasped, then made to go to Bruce, but Jon put his hand on her arm, shaking his head.

“That—that was an asshole thing to say,” Bruce muttered, his chin pointed toward his chest.

“I had to make you angry enough to want to fight, my love.”

Jeffrey watched, crushed, as Bruce’s face started to twitch, his eyes anguished pools. Jeffrey sat on the edge of the bed and gathered him into his arms, mindful of his medical tethers, and Bruce looked in his eyes.

“I’m in love with YOU, Bruce,” Jeffrey whispered. “Not your legs. Do you hear me?”

Jeffrey took Bruce behind the neck and gently pressed him into his chest, hugging him as tightly as he could, his eyes squeezed shut as he rested his chin on the top of Bruce’s head.

“Don’t ever turn away from me, Bruce. Don’t. Not after all we‘ve been through, apart and together.”

He smiled then.

“Remember what Poppa Lando said when he blessed us? The night I asked you to marry me?”  He leaned down closer, whispering in his ear.

“That night of wild monkey sex?”

Bruce nodded, smiling a little in spite of his own tears threatening to spill over.

“Support each other in the dark times, for it is then that you will need each other the most,” he whispered, his voice breaking.

“You‘re stuck with me then,” Jeffrey said. He looked down at Bruce in his arms, and saw his face twisting in sorrow.

“I–I’m sorry I yelled at you. I love you, Jeffrey, please don’t leave me alone–,” he said, his voice quavering and fragile. Bruce pushed his face into Jeffrey’s chest and started to cry, unmindful of the pain, not caring. Jeffrey rubbed his back, his own tears coming again. He had a fleeting thought, wondering how long it would be until they would both stop crying.

“I want my legs back!”

Bruce screamed the words, the force of it going into Jeffrey, straight to his heart. Bruce’s wall broke then, huge wrenching sobs tearing out of him. Jeffrey murmured to him as he stroked his hair.

“Just let it out, my darling, we’ll get through this, you can bet your sweet little ass.”

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The Taunt

This is a continuation of sorts from last week’s snippet. Jeffrey knows he has to make Bruce angry enough to fight, but he really doesn’t want to–


“So you want me to leave you alone, Bruce, is that it?”

“How many fucking times do I have to say it? Leave the crip alone,” Bruce glared. “Do you want me to spell it?”

Jeffrey stepped closer.

“Well, if you want me out, you’re going to have to get out of that bed and kick me out.”

He held his arms out to his sides, his hands curling in a come-on gesture.

“Oh, wait, you can’t. You don’t have any feet.”

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WeWriWa:The Ancient Opening

For my premiere post, I offer the first eight sentences in my personal favorite of my books, The Ancient. Our Alasdair is getting ready for a wedding. Not his own, oh no.

Alasdair stood in front of the mirror.

He didn’t know why; it wasn’t as if he could see anything.  He hadn’t even seen himself in a mirror, ever.  Then again, he really didn’t need to.  He remembered how he looked in the surface of a quiet lake that resembled glass, and his appearance hadn’t changed since then.  What he really didn’t care for was the way the fine cotton shirt felt against his skin, it had a little too much starch on it.  He snatched the bow tie out, and then started to unbutton the shirt, loosening a few of the small mother of pearl discs in the process.  This was ridiculous.

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The Aftermath

This is a continuation of sorts from my Rainbow snippet–the devastating scene when Bruce finds out what happened in the parking garage, and as one can imagine, he didn’t take it too well:

For a few moments, all Bruce could do was stare—-stare at the white bandages on the stumps of his legs

“I was supposed to run a marathon, my first full marathon next month,” he whispered. “I run, I’m a runner.”

Jeffrey shivered, blinking. He was panicking. All his physician’s tools for helping the grieving were leaving him; he had no experience helping a loved one through this.

“Bruce, love, you’re healing remarkably well, El says you could be out of the hospital in two weeks, start therapy, and be walking with prosthetics in three months.”

He froze under Bruce’s blank gaze.

“I think you’d better leave me alone now, Jeffrey.”

“But—you promised I could help you.”

“Well now you can help me by getting the fuck away from me!”

When Jeffrey hesitated Bruce let out a primal yell, bringing Jon and two of the other nurses to the door. Jeffrey held up his hand, stopping them. No matter how betrayed, how hurt he felt, he had to deal with this now, or Bruce would sink lower into this depressive episode until he was suicidal. He knew all too well how easy it was.


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Bruce’s Accident

This snippet is from Heart’s Embers, in which Jeffrey is waiting in the hospital waiting room to know the outcome of Bruce’s emergency surgery after the incident in the underground parking lot. The surgeons have just come in to talk with him:

The smaller bespectacled man then spoke up.

“I performed the surgery on Bruce’s internal bleeding, which was a premature rupturing of the vermiform appendix. I merely trimmed the ragged edges and sutured the incision as a normal appendix removal would have been.” He gave Jeffrey an intense look.

“I also performed the surgery on his legs. I’m sorry to have to give you this news, but the fasciotomies haven’t worked as we’d hoped. Necrosis is spreading, and if it’s not contained, it will be fatal. I recommend amputation as soon as possible,” Dr. Kim told Jeffrey, his voice heavy.

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Getting To Know You

Well, the holidays are over and I can get down to serious business. Almost ready to publish this gem 🙂 Hayden and Donny have given in, and are indulging in a little bit of pre-coital conversation:

“You, Master Morrison, are a surprising dichotomy.” He removed his hands, resting his palms on top of my thighs.

“A dichotomy? What a vocabulary for a member of the proletariat.”

Donny’s low and throaty laugh turned into a roar. He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand, then cradled my face in his hands.

“You give as good as you get, don’t you?” He returned his hands to my thighs. “I’m serious, though; you present this dude image with the heavy-handed offer of sex disguised as lemonade, then hit me with the serious student.”


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Spark Of The Season

This is a Yuletide story I didn’t dust off in time for the holidays–maybe next year 🙂 Two new friends are having lunch together, then–who knows?


“Two for lunch?”

Patrick nodded, then said, a little louder than he intended (probably because Alan nudged him with his elbow—not very lightly—)

“Yes please.”

Alan glared at him as they followed the hostess to a two person table in the corner of the room.

“What?” Patrick mouthed.

“What will you gentlemen have to drink today?”

“I’ll just have some iced tea,” he said. “What about you Alan?”

“The same, that sounds good. I’ve been drinking way too much coffee.”

Patrick’s lips twitched in amusement.

“Imagine that.”

“What for lunch today?”

Patrick thought for a moment.

“Do you have any Who Hash?” he asked, smiling at the amused look on the server’s face.

“I’m afraid not, sir. The Grinch took it all.”

“Well, just the sandwich special, then.”

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