Jeffrey sees Bruce

This snippet is a followup to my Rainbow posting yesterday–those who follow me from there will be pleased, I think–

Jeffrey smiled, his eyes lighting up. It was so good to see him.  He missed him so much.  He could feel the blood singing in his body like an electric river as it coursed through him.

Bruce. His lover, his soulmate, his best friend–seeing him after missing him all day. Standing there holding him, those dark curls sifting through his fingers, his nose buried in them as he whispered his name, over and over. His hands roaming over that delicious body. Those eyes, glazed with need for him, love for him.  Lying in bed together while they held each other, listening to the nighttime rain falling like liquid diamonds in a soft patter–

Then laughing at the spongy, rhythmic drip-drip in the saucepan under the leaky spot in the roof.

I am so in love with you, Bruce, my dear. I’ll be whatever you want me to be, I’ll never leave you. You have me again–for ever.


Bruce sees Jeffrey

This snippet is from The Ancient, in which Bruce and Jeffrey see each other for the first time since their disastrous breakup. Bruce is at his doctor’s office, unaware that Jeffrey has subbed for his regular physician–

Jeffrey.  Dr. Bayfield — after all these years. 

He hadn’t changed much at all, except for the glasses. That tall, lean frame. His chest, his shoulders–

That beautiful soul, loving him.

He blinked, picturing that frame wearing those white silk sleeping pants until he slid them off.  Those eyes staring into him with love and need, the soft wiry auburn hair he used to brush from that beautiful face when he had made it tousled, both of them slick and trembling with sweat after they had made love.  The warm, soft lips he used to watch when he would raise himself on one elbow and stare at him while he was sleeping.  He blinked, remembering him coming through their door when he had beaten Jeffrey home, and that first glimpse of him after not seeing him all day, the one that made his heart flutter in his chest–

I still love him–God help me–I always will—men-in-love1

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Snooping Jules

This snippet is from The Ancient, in which Jules takes advantage of Bruce’s absence to take a look in his private memory box–so naughty–

She took out the letters, the notes, everything else, checking the dates, putting them beside her on the bed.  All of them were older than the postcard.  Some of them dated back to his sophomore year in college like this one–



I really enjoyed our date tonight, I hope the first of many. Hope your books have recovered better than my heart. I’m so sorry I had to leave to study, but premed is a bitch if you want to graduate early.  I couldn’t keep a coherent thought in my head after that goodnight kiss, though. You tasted like wine, love–intoxicating. I can’t wait to see you again.  Call me (anything you want).


PS Don’t make me beg–oh please please please”


Carl’s Eyes

This snippet is from Talk Of The Town, where Craig begins to get an inkling of just how powerful Carl is, and why he needs to wear glasses–

His pupils seemed to flex, changing into something almost animalistic or inhuman. Craig couldn’t help but stare.  “The blush on your cheeks is very attractive, Craig,” he said, still smiling. “It sets off your singular eyes.”  He looked into those eyes even deeper, making Craig freeze.

Occi Belli, with that dark nimbus around your color.”  He lowered his head, then stared back up at Craig.

“The eyes of a hunter.”

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Alasdair’s Room

I posted a snippet yesterday that got some curiosity going–here’s what happens after Alasdair takes Edgar to his hotel room after they’ve met at the Hollywoodland party–but what happens after THIS is–well, extremely erotic, shall we say–love8

“Would you like to come upstairs to my suite and talk about it? Perhaps we can be at each other’s service.”

Edgar nods, afraid to speak.

Alasdair takes his elbow and brings him up to his luxury suite. He puts his arm around his waist and walks him over to the edge of the bed, which is covered in sumptuous velvet. Edgar takes off his jacket and Alasdair unbuttons his shirt for him.  His eyes drift shut.  Neither one of them speaks, there’s no need. He didn’t think he would be enjoying it this much.

He shrugs the shirt off his shoulders, then unbuttons Alasdair’s shirt, letting it fall to the ground after he pulls it off. He reaches out his hands, finding Alasdair’s chest.  Edgar strokes him up and down with trembling fingers.  He opens his eyes, looking at this beautiful man as Alasdair leans over, putting his lips on his chest, smelling him with flaring nostrils. They sit on the edge of the bed and touch their lips together, their tongues meeting, running their hands over each other. Edgar watches Alasdair undressing him, even getting down on one knee to remove his shoes.  He watches as Edgar raises his hips, then he gently tugs down Edgar’s trousers. Alasdair reaches to his own slim waist to unfasten his kilt.  Edgar helps him, trembling and eager, until they are both totally nude. He tries to hide his small love handles, but Alasdair holds his arms.

“You are beautiful, Edgar. Do not hide that beauty,” Alasdair tells him, his striking eyes sparkling, hypnotic.

“Alasdair, I–”

He puts his finger on Edgar’s lips, then runs that finger slowly, sensuously across them.

“Shhhhhh. Let me show you how beautiful you are.”

Meeting Edgar

This snippet is from a time in Edgar’s past, where he first sets eyes on Alasdair–and sets the rest of his existence in motion–let’s go to Hollywoodland–

.  He stares as the man stands separate from the hangers on, gently deflecting unwanted attention. He’s exotic and mysterious with that kilt and that braid. Edgar listens to the whispers about him that he’s an extremely wealthy businessman who wishes to invest in the movies, and he’s looking for a rising star.  Sleep his way in? There won’t be any sleeping if he can help it.
He grins, ears still open. Here’s a star that will be glad to give you a rise, Mr. Connery.shutterstock_419292241

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Beautiful Lightning

Poor Evan is in a quandary–he desperately wants to invite someone inside his sanctuary, but–will he be able to?

What would happen if he invited her for coffee?

The very thought makes him sweat, but he forces himself. He could write her a small note, asking her if she could come tomorrow morning for just a short time, just one cup of coffee and perhaps a pastry. He is a very good chef, but he has not cooked or baked for another person since his mother left.

He decides not to make too many plans until he knows if she will accept. He could keep the house darkened, perhaps even set up the Japanese screen. He will hint at his condition a little in the invitation, just so she won’t be alarmed at his eccentric behavior.

But what if she catches a glimpse of him?

What if she’s married? Granted, she doesn’t wear a ring, but not every married person wears one. What if she has a boyfriend and brings him? One person in his sanctuary is bad enough, but two? Absolutely not. He could probably peek out the curtain when she arrives, and if she’s married or attached she would most likely not accept anyway. If she brings someone, he just wouldn’t answer the door.