Craig Finds Out

Here’s another snippet from Talk Of the Town, in which Craig finally finds out all about Carl–

Craig’s hands didn’t listen, and moved on their own to stroke the back of Carl’s head,  gently moving through the soft brown curls trailing down the back of his neck. His eyes drifted closed. He felt Carl opening his mouth against his skin, then a sudden sweet pain that quickly moved him to shuddering orgasms, one following another in rapid succession. His eyes flew open and his body tensed as  a short, sharp scream echoed from him, the pleasure intensifying as each climax faded only to be replaced with another. He ceased knowing or caring about anything except the feel, the smell of Carl. Craig’s eyes again became heavy and he drifted into unconsciousness, Carl’s name on his lips.


More talk

Since last weeks snippet was pretty popular, I thought I’d post one where we get to see what happens when Craig brings Carl back to his apartment and gets a really good look at those eyes —

He swam down into the depths of those solid forest green and sky blue eyes, eternal and limitless. The beat of his heart filled his entire body, drumming with a hard slow rhythm in his head, propelling him toward-something, he didn’t know what, scared, yet eager for it to happen.

How could one drown and be breathing in chorus?  He knew the depths of boundless love, lust and hatred that Carl was capable of, that Carl could make him feel.  Through an ivory filter, he saw a moving picture of Carl in medieval physician’s robes studying manuscripts, his beautiful profile illuminated by the light of a single candle.  He saw a dark shape behind Carl, slinking toward him with wild, mad eyes burning in its shadow face, covered by a cowl.


Talk Of The Town

Here’s a snippet from something else I wrote a while ago about an out and proud talk show host who has a guest on his show who claims to be a 600 year old vampire–

Craig looked up from his cup and into Carl’s eyes,  startled at the intense feeling of Carl’s soft cool skin against his own, and the low, commanding tone in his voice.  Carl had removed his glasses, and was staring into him with a look full of dark passion.  He blinked just once, looking closer. How could he have thought his eyes were brown?  The whites of his eyes had disappeared and they were totally blue, dark blue and green, deep like the ocean. There were bright tendrils of red and black drifting through them carrying messages meant only for him—messages filled with lust, desire, and infatuation. Fotor11089267

The Ancient

Here’s a snippet from The Ancient–dear Edgar needs a little pick me up–


“You’re looking a little peaked, Edgar.  Have I been neglecting you? It must be time.”

Edgar nodded, silent.  He hung his head.

“Just a little, though, it wouldn’t do to give you too much.”  As Alasdair smiled, he deliberately pierced his lower lip with one of his sharp eyeteeth.  As the small trickle of bright red lifeblood welled out, he pulled Edgar to him and locked his lips on his.  As they kissed, clinging to each other, the wrinkles on Edgar’s face faded, filling his face out to youthful smoothness.

More snippets await at Rainbow Snippets–enjoy–