More first time–just a little tease :)

Jeffrey’s eyes widen, and he pushes Bruce’s hands away, ripping his jeans open himself.

“I wondered what was taking you so long,” he says, sounding breathless.  “Damn, hurry up, Bruce, gettin’ thirsty here,” Jeffrey gasped, his voice ragged and uneven.   Bruce sinks down to his knees in front of him then reaches up, gently pulling down Jeffrey’s jeans and briefs, setting him free. All he can do, for a quick minute anyway, is stare at that beautiful, velvety organ pointing right at him.

“God, Jeffrey–you–” Words fail him, and he reaches up, gently cupping his hands around Jeffrey’s buttocks, steering him into his waiting mouth. He moves up and down, nursing on him and stroking him with his tongue as Jeffrey grabs Bruce’s hair, tangling his fingers in it, his head falling back, his mouth gaping open.

“Christ-fuck–” he moans, small cries coming from his throat as he moves with Bruce, feeling his lips, his throat muscles working as Bruce gets more insistent, drinking in the little tastes that are coming out of him. Bruce groans, making Jeffrey vibrate in Bruce’s mouth, making him thrust faster, harder until Jeffrey can’t hold out any longer.

“Bruce–God!” Jeffrey’s orgasm crashes through him, in him, and he loses all control, releasing himself in Bruce’s lovely, sculptured mouth. Bruce takes all of him, slowing himself with difficulty, making sure he got all that Jeffrey has to give him.  He gently draws away from him, and licks him clean.

Jeffrey’s legs start shaking, and he sank to the ground in front of Bruce, wrapping his arms around him as he lays his forehead on his broad shoulder. Bruce puts his arms around Jeffrey’s waist, holding him as Jeffrey raises his head, looking wide eyed at Bruce.

“I–I think I’m done, love,” Jeffrey whispers, his voice sounding small, fragile.   Bruce leans forward, kissing Jeffrey with a sweet, aching softness.

“See how good you taste, Jeffrey?”  He gently strokes his cheeks, brushing his fingers back and forth.      Jeffrey holds Bruce’s head, bringing their foreheads together.

“Oh, my dear–” he says. “Will you let me take care of you now? Please? Take me to your bed.”


First time

Here’s what I promised last week, but I had to choose carefully; it lasted a lot longer than six sentences 🙂

“I don’t want to play any more games.”  He gently pushes Jeffrey against the wall, then puts his hands on his chest, slowly making them trail down. Jeffrey’s eyes drift closed, then he jumps, jerking them open again at the feel of Bruce stroking him.

“I want you right now. I want to swallow you up until you come buckets.”   Bruce sticks his hands in the waistband of Jeffrey’s jeans, then eases open the button.

“And then I want you to fuck me until I holler hallelujah.”

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Their first kiss

Bruce and Jeffrey’s first kiss–


. Bruce moves his hands up Jeffrey’s chest and gently cradles the back of his head, deepening the pressure of his lips on his. He laces his fingers through Jeffrey’s hair, feeling himself falling, diving in a ringing world of feeling that rushes up to meet him as he turns his head, fusing their lips together. Jeffrey lowers his hands and arms to the small of Bruce’s back, gently drawing him even closer.  He slowly strokes him up and down, feeling his runner’s muscles flexing under his shirt as their lips move together again and again, clinging to each other.  Bruce moves his hands down to feel the pulse beating in Jeffrey’s neck, beating faster because of him, and he feels him shiver. They touch their tongues one to the other, just the tips of them, then they draw them back, making that one little dancing movement so lovely, so much more erotic then it might have been otherwise.  Like a promise.


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Up His Alley

This little piece of flash fiction is 18+ only–enjoy 🙂 Brad Vance provided the photo and the first paragraph–thanks, Brad ❤


Really, I’m serious. I just went into the alley to take a leak; the line for the bathroom was so long and I couldn’t hold it. I was alone out there…or so I thought, until I finished my business and turned around. He was standing under the light, by the back door of the bar. He must have followed me out. What he wanted was so obvious. What he wanted was me.

I couldn’t take my eyes off that denim-clad monster, they way he was squeezing it, just putting it on display for me. I had to check my own package, giving it a squeeze that bordered on painful. It started filling my hand, and I rubbed it with the heel of my palm as I turned to face him. My mouth was dry (but not for long, I hoped), and I had trouble forming words.

“You—can I help you?” I managed to stutter out. He smiled at that.

“You sure can, beautiful. That’s the idea.” That rough voice made me melt. “If you bring your fine ass over here, maybe I’ll have time to help you, too.” His eyes were on me as I walked toward him. When I got within reach, he grabbed my hand away from my own hard cock and put it on his, rubbing it up and down. My eyes got wide.

“Man, I don’t—know if I can handle that, you’re huge,” I managed to stutter out, even as I started rubbing him up and down on my own.

“Relax, we’re not going to fuck—yet,”  he said, laughing a little. “Right now I just want to feel those lips stretching around it.” He put his big hands on my shoulders, steering me toward the slab of concrete he was standing on. Thank the gods it was fairly clean but at this point, I didn’t care.

“Bite it through my jeans—do it,” he moaned. “Hurry the fuck up.”

As I mouthed him, sending my hot breath through the cloth, I found myself licking the wet spot the tip of his cock made, and the harder I licked, the louder he got.

“Jesus Christ, take it out already,” he groaned. I smiled at that. Sucking cock was my favorite thing in the whole world—the smell, the taste, the feel of being in complete control. I bared my teeth and took his zipper in between them, drawing it down. I felt that huge dick gently smacking me on the top of my forehead. At least he went commando.

I put my lips around that succulent mushroom head, running my tongue around the edge, lapping up the generous streaks of precum he was giving me. His hitching breathing was telling me he was loving it already.

“Grab the bottom-so—so you don’t choke, hurry up, I—need it–,” he groaned out.  I reached up with both hands and tugged his jeans down, then opened my throat and took him in all at once, rolling his balls with one hand while the other stroked his taint up and down.

“FUCK!” he shouted. “I’m not –going to last—you little shit—damnit!!” I hummed under my breath, making him vibrate as I let the tip of one finger slip inside his hole. I felt him throbbing, his balls tightening as he shot everything he had and then some down my gullet. I kind of missed tasting it, so I pulled away and took the last few spurts on my tongue. I gently licked the head of that delectable cock, then tucked him back inside his jeans.

“No—nobody’s ever been able to do that before,” he sighed, gusting out the breath he was holding.

“Until me, huh?”  He shook his head slowly back and forth.

“No.” he smiled, stroking my cheek with his thumb.

“You kind of tasted like the hot wings they serve in there,” I said, my lips twitching.

He laughed out loud at that.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” he answered, “since I’m the cook. Thank fuck it was time for my break when I followed you out here.” He took me by the arm as we walked back inside.

“Now let me show you how I can cook sausage, the restroom’s emptied out.”.

“That last stall has our names on it,” I said, grinning as the alley door swung shut.

brad's alley



Kilts–yes please

I've had a few requests to post this scene since it combines a kilt and a blowjob--so here it is <3

“The sexy Scotsman, Bruce?” Alasdair grinned.

“That’s your nickname around here.  Flattering, isn’t it?”  He smiled again, taking a small squeeze of lotion from the tube on his desk and rubbing it into his hands.      “Do you have ways of disappearing without people noticing, since I put my foot in my mouth, among other things?”  He knelt in front of Alasdair, noticing that Alasdair was more than ready.

“Yes, don’t worry, your secret is safe,” Alasdair said.

Bruce ran his hands under Alasdair’s kilt again, lifting it, then lowered his mouth to him, gently moving up and down while his tongue rubbed him, his hands teasing him, all at the same time.  Alasdair’s head fell back and he gasped with pleasure, little moans coming from his throat as he put his hands on Bruce‘s head.  A victim would have to be taken tonight.  He and Edgar would have to go trolling, possibly in Colorado Springs–but right now, it was getting difficult to think of anything else but Bruce’s talented mouth on him.  He was right.  As fulfilling as Julia was, Bruce was exceptional. He was getting more and more insistent, tugging on him like it was a fight for survival and his erection was the only source of oxygen.  His hands were tender, softly stroking him.  The sensations were balancing each other in a most delightful manner.  He looked down and Bruce was staring up at him with those beautiful blue eyes, his cheeks hollowed as he drew him out. Alasdair couldn’t help rising in his seat a little, much the same way Bruce had when he had Skyped him. When he did, Bruce took his little finger and slipped it under him, running it down the cleft of his buttocks, finding what he was looking for.

That was all it took.

Alasdair thrust upward, his orgasm exploding through him.  He let out a strangled scream and his head fell back, a loud groan escaping him. Bruce kept his mouth on him while he drained him, working him again and again.  He licked his lips, then looked up at Alasdair.  His face had lost the rest of what little color it had, and his eyes were rolling back in his head, which had fallen back so far that the end of his braid had curled into a small circle on the floor.  His eyeteeth had descended, sharp and wicked, and he returned his mouth to Alasdair, moving until he was sure he was finished.

Bruce took his mouth and hands away then, giving him a devilish grin.  “That seemed like it was satisfactory,” Bruce said, his eyes shining. “You’re a very sensual being.”

Alasdair was shaking, slowly regaining control of himself. He willed his fangs to retract.

“Bruce, I–that was extremely gratifying–where did you learn how to do that?

Bruce smiled.  “Saturdays after college track meets, in the locker room with Jeffrey,” he said, laughing.  “I would pretend I was sucking up his McDonald’s shake through a cocktail straw.”  He smiled.  “He never complained when I practiced on him.”

Jeffrey’s notes

Here’s the first note Jeffrey left Bruce–after their first date–


I really enjoyed our date tonight, I hope the first of many. Hope your books have recovered better than my heart. I’m so sorry I had to leave to study, but premed is a bitch if you want to graduate early.  I couldn’t keep a coherent thought in my head after that goodnight kiss, though. You tasted like wine, love–intoxicating. I can’t wait to see you again.  Call me (anything you want).


PS Don’t make me beg–oh please please please”

Bruce and Jeffrey meet

This week’s snippet is from The Ancient–in which Bruce runs into Jeffrey for the first time–literally–


“Are you all right?” the man says, wearing a tremulous, worried smile.

Bruce nods, silent, looking again at his tall lean frame, his wiry ginger hair, the soft brown eyes.  Bruce can see his soul through those eyes, and it’s beautiful, too. He has a genuine smile, even a little gold bead in his left earlobe.  He’s afraid to speak, but he forces himself.

“Yeah, I’m–I’m fine.”

Looking relieved, the student picks up the armful of books, handing them to him, getting close enough to whisper in his ear–

“You certainly are.”

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